Sunday, July 25, 2010

What I would like ...


  1. At last ... I figured out how to upload the Visio diagram ... on my own!!!
    What do I want from this course? Firstly, to not feel so behind in ‘basic’ technology and to gain confidence in communicating online. I have over 25 years teaching experience ... face-to-face ... and five years as a Career Practitioner ... also pretty much face-to-face ... with the odd phone conversation.
    Some of the ideas about online facilitation that appeal to me and that I would like to explore during this course are:
     Events ... seminars or workshops
     Coaching and/or mentoring
     Teaching an online class
     Presenting information to sell a service or business

    I have made a mind map of my pathway which includes:
    What I want to learn
     Running seminars and/or workshops
     Coaching and/or mentoring
     Presenting information
     Teaching online courses
     What I do online now
    As I have only ever run one Elluminate session, I changed this to what I do online rather than what I facilitate online. It was more than I thought 
    What I would like to do more of
     Online connections
     More time online
     A general overview
     More understanding
    What I need to do to achieve my goal
     Practice
     Practice
     Practice 

  2. Love the graphics Jane, especially the hammer and the computer! Nicely presented.

  3. This is fantastic, Jane. I am not a visual person but I love this diagram...great work!

  4. Thanks for sharing this great tool and your diagram Jane, really timely for me, as I am supporting an eTeacher mentoring scholarship online. A suitable mindmapping tool for students is required. One for me to investigate.

  5. Thank you ... yes, I love that hammer ... it's exactly how I feel about computers ... sometimes :))
    This was done with Microsoft Visio and then I messed around converting it to something that Blogspot could recognise.

  6. Wonderful graphic! I hadn't heard of Visio before--I'll have to check it out.